Cute dating surprises idating nl

You know those blissed-out couples who can't seem to get enough of each other?

Well, they don't possess a magical passion potion — they keep their love buzz strong by spicing things up.

A predictable piece of feedback from the hundreds of thousands of men asked about their preferences is that most of them are looking for a sexy woman - and one who knows it.

But, perhaps because of its association with weight, only 0.6 per cent of women surveyed talked about their curves in their profiles.

Both genders are reportedly equally set on looking for outgoing dates, rather than shy ones - so daters should not talk about their introversion in dating profiles.

Mr Grant commented on the unexpected findings, saying: 'With so much competition, the world of online dating is all about fine margins; anything that's even slightly off-putting marks you as a liability.'Many people struggle to strike the balance between confidence and arrogance, instead adopting an overly modest approach, but that rarely works.

Who wants to go out with someone who describes themselves as shy and introverted?

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